Ingenium Way

The Ingenium Way

Our firm was founded under the vision of constantly striving to become the best full-service professional search consulting firm in the world. It has been our experience that numerous traditional search firms fall into one of two categories. The first includes many larger national firms that have the reputation of putting their needs and bottom lines ahead of their clients’ demands and financial goals. The second type is the much smaller boutique firm that may only be able to adequately serve a very specific niche with a limited network and pool of resources.
We at Ingenium Partners wanted to build a firm that would not fall into either one of those two groups. Ingenium Partners considers our relationships with our clients to be the kind that resembles more of a “true partnership.” We are completely vested in our clients’ past, current, and future successes. Through our experience, we have found that the outcome for a successfully completed search is significantly increased when both parties agree to “buy-in” and share in the six-step approach developed by our company – one which we call the “Ingenium Way.” A summary of these six steps is described as follows:
  1. Needs Assessment

     – This includes an on-site visit whenever possible. During this time, better understandings of your company’s history, culture and hiring needs are developed.
  2. Job Specification and Description

     – A detailed job description will be developed with hiring manager feedback. This step allows the consultant to ensure that all key business objectives are being met. Hiring manager sign-off must be obtained before the next step can begin.
  3. Candidate Research, Sourcing, and Identification

     – By fully utilizing its own extensive database of qualified professionals, as well as through other non-traditional methods of sourcing which will incorporate leading edge technology, we will identify potential candidates who will then go on for further evaluation.
  4. Evaluation and Presentation

     – We next complete a thorough evaluation based on core competencies, behavioral and personality tendencies, and reference feedbacks. A maximum of the top three talents are formally presented for feedback.
  5. Execution of Hire

     – Approved candidates are scheduled for interviews, and both client and candidate debriefs are completed after each interview stage. Ingenium Partners plays a significant role in the negotiation process, and objections are addressed immediately before we proceed to the offer stage.
  6. Follow-Up (Onboarding)

    – Value-added long-term relationships are key to the overall success of our firm. One way of ensuring and building on this success is continuing to follow-up after the successful placement is made. Our proprietary onboarding process involves frequent contact points and other deliverables to ensure that a successful hire was made.