Ingenium Pyramid


The Ingenium Pyramid

The Ingenium Pyramid symbolizes the qualities that serve as the basis of our firm’s success. Each layer of that pyramid is described as follows: 
Integrity – The foundation of our firm was built on integrity, and it is no surprise that the executives whom we surveyed agreed that this is the most important quality that they are looking for in a professional search firm.
Talent – Building on the core principle of integrity, our consultants bring a degree of talent that will be sought after by companies in search of their next hire. They are dedicated to continuously wanting to be the best in their profession and to go whatever lengths necessary to achieve that goal. Our consultants participate in ongoing training programs which focus on current industry standards and other best practices ultimately translating into proven results for your firm or career.
Teamwork – This quality not only applies to the Ingenium team but equally to those with whom we “partner” outside the firm. Ingenium Partners considers all our clients and candidates to be advocates of our company. We understand that our success is predicated on results and take a consultative approach to understanding the needs of both sides so that a proper match can ultimately be made.
Positive Results – The apex of the Ingenium Pyramid is “Positive Results.” We fully understand that repeated positive results will allow us to foster trusted long-lasting relationships with both our clients and talented candidates. Simply put, we want to be “The Firm” that you go to first when looking to make that next critical hire or pivotal career step.