Information Technology

IT leaders encounter more challenges today than ever before. Impasses stemming from talent shortages, cyber security threats, cloud computing, staffing with remote work forces, innovation and digital transformation, and data management head the list of challenges constantly faced by executives in this area.
Ingenium Partners has had proven success partnering with IT executives to find top talent who excel in these aforementioned areas and has also helped many IT professionals grow their career by listening, guiding and connecting them with clients who realize that top talent is difficult to find during a time when expertise seems so scarce. 
We are well qualified to fill key positions across numerous levels and disciplines of an Information Technology organization. Key areas and/or positions where we have had considerable success include the following:      
  • CTOs
  • Managers
  • Network Administrators
  • Business Intelligence
  • CIOs
  • ERP Leaders
  • Cybersecurity
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Directors
  • PMPs
  • Business Analysis
  • Data Management