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Ingenium Partners offers different service options to better suit your degree of recruitment needs.


Industry Specialization

With proven experience, Ingenium Partners is well-positioned to meet or exceed the hiring needs and demands of managers across many different industries.

Functional Expertise

Ingenium Partners Consultants are well aligned with the hiring needs of companies that hire top talent in today’s market.



Welcome to Ingenium Partners LLC. We are the premier professional search consulting firm specializing in the placement of accounting and finance, human resource and information technology professionals. Our firm’s name is derived from the Latin word meaning “innate quality, character, and talent” and is founded on the principles of what a premier professional search consulting firm should be.

To build upon this conviction, we surveyed numerous hiring managers which included professionals from the Fortune 500, middle-market companies and smaller entrepreneurial start-ups alike and asked what they valued most when working with firms in our industry. After listening and understanding these key elements and integrating them within our previously developed blueprint for success, Ingenium has developed what has since become our firm’s new and improved search methodology.

We believe that our valued “partnership” between client and firm will allow us to set ourselves apart from our competitors and will foster successful and growing relationships for years to come. Please continue to learn more about what Ingenium Partners LLC has to offer you.


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Who We Are

Our firm began in 2009 with the simple desire to be able to offer a quality of service that others in our industry were unable to provide.



How We Work

Survey results from many higher-level hiring managers showed a growing concern for the lack of industry and role specific knowledge exhibited by a majority of executive search consultants.



Ingenium Difference

These four key attributes, which are represented each by a layer in the Ingenium Pyramid, symbolize the qualities that serve as the basis of our firm’s success.


Thought Leadership

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